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Eightfold Path Smoky Amethyst Wrap BeadsEightfold Path Smoky Amethyst Wrap Clasp

Eightfold Path Smoky Amethyst Necklace


The Eightfold Path 16″ single strand necklace includes 8 gold vermeil beads surrounded by glittering Smoky Amethyst crystals. A Swarovski crystal adorns the lobster clap.

Product Description

Eightfold Path 16″ single-strand necklaces are steeped in symbolism. Designed with great intention and collaboration by Tracy Appleton and Lily Canfield to bring daily awareness of mindfulness & compassion, these shimmery necklaces feature eight gold beads that symbolize the eight parts of the path to end of suffering as taught by the Buddha. (Learn more here and here)

Lovingly hand made by the master artisans of the Karen Hill Tribe, each gold bead is stamped with the ‘seven chakras’ flower representing the seven chakras of the human body. Beautiful, glistening crystals, specifically chosen for their incredible luminescence, surround the eight beads. An exquisite Swarovski crystal adorns the clasp—a representation of the spiritual principal that we are all connected by: Compassion.


100% of the proceeds from Love Light Compassion jewelry provide emergency financial assistance to people and their families who are going through medical treatment. In this very tangible way, Eightfold Path necklaces are bringing relief to suffering.

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