Love Light Compassion Foundation Chakra Jewelry Line

Chakra Line

Our Seven Chakra Bracelets are made from beautiful, tiny, shimmery crystal beads chosen for their specific chakra color attributes and measure 7.2″.

Each bracelet is adorned with three gold beads lovingly hand made by the master artisans of the Thai Karen Hill Tribe, and stamped with the ‘seven chakras’ flower representing the seven main chakras of the human body. The three beads represent Love Light and Compassion. An exquisite Swarovski crystal adorns the clasp—a representation of the spiritual principal that we are all connected by: Compassion.

Our Seven Chakra Necklaces match the bracelets in color and measure 16″. They feature seven gold chakra beads one for each of our wheels of energy. Each bracelet and necklace comes with a detailed chakra guide and affirmation card to help the wearer bring intention and focus to the corresponding chakra.